Ever since I was a child, my rebellion towards authority always seemed to get the best of me, but I had an incredible obsession that saved me. My obsession was love. My spirit is made of the fire of rebellion, and the need to share this with other people. My passion for people, art, music, life and romance all mesh into my life experiences, allowing me to embody love, and transmute it into my crafts. Roxy music says, “Love is the drug”, and I can't get enough.  From a distance my character can translate as a woman personifying rigid strength and angst, but in truth it is actually the golden armor of a powerful woman, who has learned to not be afraid to use her voice to say, never give up on what matters most in the vastness of life. I am grateful to have been surrounded with an amazing global community of humans through my travels. The countless creations we have shared have allowed me to realize how my music can be woven in and can make a difference. My music has sung into the chambers of the woes of life, but it is in those woes where we often find the open way to create love from the darkness. It is this darkness that makes love so satisfying. Romantic partners, soul siblings, death, growing and healing...these are the things that have fueled me on this journey.  These are the things that keep me going, keeping me connected to the healing I want to implement into the lives of all that immerse themselves in the sounds of my art.

     Abby Jeanne


Abby Jeanne is a songwriter, singer,and producer originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 2010 she hit the road in her mini-van to begin her musical journey With her first demo and Band Eden-Abby. she would spend the next 4 years traveling around america and europe as a solo artist exploring her creativity and finding her voice. In 2015 she returned home to collaborate, write and produce music for other jazz, rock and hip-hop artists including some milwaukee favorites; Foreign Goods and queen tut.

In 2016 she formed her band, and in February 2017, she released her debut album "rebel Love' in such a short amount of time Abby and her band have found immense success and demand in their hometown, with a busy schedule, daily local radio play, and opening for international musicians such as ishdarr and no name.

She has spent the rest of 2017 playing her music at many festivals and clubs of the Mid-west, Europe, India, and Thailand.  In September (2017) she released a new single "Comsic Beings" and is currently recording her next record entitled "Yin-Yang"

Abby personally describes her music as "rock n’ roll with a dreamers soul", and she hopes that her music and poetry guide listeners into her transcending reality.

"Her soulful voice is drenched in raw emotion, love,  and on-point dynamics. While she has contributed production and vocals for indie artist Queen Tut and Milwaukee’s super group Foreign Goods, her solo work is where she truly shines. A young woman with an old soul, she evokes those big, soulful, down tempo R&B sounds of the sixties while capturing an alluring industrial sound."-milwaukee record

"Not surprisingly, the most impressive element of ‘Rebel Love’ is the immense vocal talent of Abby Jeanne. The amount of soul and emotion that she holds in her vocal performances on this album is apparent throughout the entire project. To have technical abilities as a vocalist is one thing, but to convey such power through vocals in the way that she does is no small feat."- 88.9 Radio Milwaukee
“Abby’s solo material is not to be ignored. With lush and layered production and her downright moving voice, you’ll want to bear witness to this versatile one-woman powerhouse in action.” -Milwaukee Record



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